Dansk-Amerikanske Rebecca Winger skriver om sin tur til Maccabiaden i Israel i den forgangne sommer – Rebecca er oldebarn af klubbens stifter Meyer Rudaizky.

When thinking about the 2017 Maccabiah Games I remember not only my swim competition, but I think of the friends I made, and all the activities where we created memories together.  Throughout the two weeks of the Games, there was a feeling of welcomeness and kindness shown by 10,000 other Jewish athletes.  Knowing that everyone there already had two similarities to myself made me want to get to know as many people as possible. Even though the delegation of Denmark was not the largest, walking across the stage at the opening ceremony made me feel included in a large Jewish community as well as protected. As I walked down the stage, I remembered that my great-grandfather, my grandfather and my mom have all done the same as me previously. I remembered that I was carrying on the tradition as the fourth generation.  The thousands of Jewish athletes from previous delegations were cheering along with the many viewers in the audience. From every trip to every party at night, every event was enjoyable.  Of course, I can’t forget about the swimming aspect of the Games.  The competition took place at Wingate, which is an institution for sports and physical activities located in Netanya.  I was extremely nervous to be competing in a real stadium with cameras facing me as I swam.  I later realized that there wasn’t anything to be nervous about, because no matter if I win or lose, I still got a chance to compete. I was pleased with the results of my swimming as I improved my time in all of my events and made finals for 100 breaststroke.  It was all about enjoying my time spent there, doing the best I could, as well as making new friends from all around the world. Being able to swim in a professional place like the pool in Netanya was such a privilege.I truly loved going to support my friends in other sports. From watching soccer games to tennis matches, I was always occupied.  If I wasn’t watching games, I was in the hub relaxing with friends.  We did escape rooms, played games, arts and crafts, listened to music, and watched movies all in the hub, which was the social center for all the teens. Whether it was for a party or just resting on the couches, people were constantly entering the hub.Each day trip I took expanded my knowledge about Israel.  From participating in a race around the city of Tel Aviv, to touring Jerusalem, to food tours in Haifa, every memory I made will never be forgotten.  The Yitzhak Rabin Center was so educational and it topped off a great day in Tel Aviv.  One of my favorite trips was rafting down the Jordan River with my friends. Overall, my Maccabiah Israel trip this summer was a life-changing experience that I will never forget.